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ActivePAQ 2 ft. TOP 5 benefits

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ActivePAQ 2 ft. TOP 5 benefits

Do you still use separate power sources (drivers) in your LED luminaire designs?

Tepcomp now offers 2 ft. Driver on Board LED modules with cool features which significantly simplifies linear LED luminaire design and manufacturing. Selected highlights of the key features of these DoB LED boards are:

  • No need for a separate LED driver since these LED boards can be driven directly from 230 Vac. This significantly simplifies the luminaire mechanics and assembly.
  • No components on the bottom side of the LED board. This makes the ActivePAQ LED boards mechanical integration almost as simple as passive LED board integration.
  • No start-up in-rush current spikes. This means lower installation costs since more luminaires can be connected behind a single circuit breaker.
  • Very low profile single sided board (< 17 mm total height). This enables really low profile LED luminaires for installations with limited roof height.
  • Up to 12 pcs of 2 ft. ActivePAQ boards can be daisy-chained from a single mains input. This enables long light rails between 2 ft. – 24 ft. from just one mains input point.

If you want to know more about these cool 230 Vac direct drive LED boards, please contact our sales guys Peter Stenberg or Petri Haanpää.

Peter Stenberg
Business Development Manager Europe
(office in Malmö, Sweden)
+46 70 221 7540

Petri Haanpää
Account Director, Lighting
+358 40 502 8200

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