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PassivePAQ HighPower for Strada and High Bay IP 2×6


Tepcomp Group’s PassivePAQ HighPower for Strada* and High Bay IP 2×6 LEDiL® optics offers a flexible solution for various applications and needs when using LEDiL® Strada* or High Bay IP 2×6 optics. These PassivePAQ boards support multiple different 3535 high power LEDs from Samsung, Cree and Lumileds. These boards are also well suited for horticulture applications since above mentioned LED manufacturers are offering a wide selection of LEDs with different wavelenght light and LEDiL® Strada* or High Bay IP 2×6 optics offers a wide selection of light patterns. Additionally, these boards are optimized to be used with Tepcomp’s PowerPAQ 540 W and 300 W high power LED drivers which are superior in flexibilty with wide range of software configurable features and offer a superb flicker performance. Contact Tepcomp sales to discuss these various options in more details since this datasheet only presents three example options with Samsung LH351 LEDs.

Visit LEDiL® web pages for more details about the optics: | | HB-IP-2X6
  • Optimized for LEDiL® Strada IP and High Bay 2×6 optics
  • Best in class 3535 LEDs
  • Efficacy up to 170 lm/W
  • Small colour tolerance (SDCM < 3)
  • Various CCT’s and single color wavelengths available
  • CRI 90, CRI 80 and CRI 70 variants available
  • 2 W / mK metal core PCB laminate for optimal thermal performance
  • Uin maximum 430V (creepage).
  • Simple installation of optics and module with M3 screws
  • Tepcomp PowerPAQ 540 W and 300 W compatible
  • Built-in NTC for thermal protection with driver
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