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Audico Systems Oy is Finland’s leading producer of audio-visual solutions and manufacturer of equipment. Tepcomp is one of the electronics manufacturing service providers for Audico, which also incorporates the assembly and packaging of consumer equipment. Reliability, product quality and transparent operating methods have been established as the supporting pillars of the partnership.

The strength of Audico as the project supplier of AV and audio systems can be found in the diversity of its services and products, together with solid experience brought about by years in the industry. For Audico’s customers, specific factors of importance with the systems lie with reliability, long useful life and product features. Tepcomp strives to realise these factors with all its might.

”We made a strategic decision to outsource the supply of components. In other words, we now concentrate on the assembly of goods, using pre-supplied components”, said Jukka Kuronen, Production Manager of Audico. ”Quality and reliability of the products is achieved through close cooperation with sub-contractors. From the outset, Tepcomp has been a good and flexible partner. Our liaison has become increasingly in-depth, over new products, for example.”

Parliament House project was the starting gun for cooperation                          

The main locations for Audico systems consist of corporate auditoriums and meeting facilities, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, business premises, theatres, cinemas, schools and universities, churches as well as various sports and events halls. One of the most extensive projects in the past few years was the renewal of the AV system at Parliament House.

”Our cooperation with Tepcomp was initiated at the commencement of the Parliament House project”, said Mr Kuronen. He continued: “In the chamber, each Member of Parliament has their own working area and desk with a touch screen, via which the member may follow the proceedings when the Parliament is in session, obtain information about the matters subject to discussion, and request to speak. Tepcomp played an extensive role and had a big responsibility for the totality. The project was a success in every respect.”

The building of trust takes years. ”Our operations are based upon a partnership where the needs and operating methods of both parties must meet”, explained Mr Kuronen. ”With Tepcomp, we apply a so-called ’buffer’ model, which means that they also take care of the procurement and warehousing of certain supplies. Commitment is the key to this operating model, and it has worked very well.”

One of the most important aspects of any electronics manufacturing service provider is service. ”The attitude of Tepcomp to service is reflected e.g. in that they have been able to respond flexibly in situations where demand has exceeded contractual obligations. This brings much required flexibility to our operations.”

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