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Close cooperation between Hella and Tepcomp commenced some 20 years ago with LED products and electronics supplies to the motor industry. Besides Tepcomp products, Hella Lightning utilises Tepcomp’s product development team for LED consumer lighting applications and LED solutions for the motor industry.

”Our cooperation has been excellent from the very beginning. We particularly value Tepcomp’s flexibility and high quality as well as their LED technology expertise”, said Kimmo Suupohja, Managing Director of Hella Lightning.

One significant strength, according to Mr Suupohja, consists of Tepcomp’s flexible operating model, which in turn allows flexibility in the operations of Hella Lightning. Hella’s broad product range and large customer base call for smooth cooperation, and sometimes fast response times.

“Tepcomp can react very well even in unexpected situations. Through good cooperation we have been able to prioritise products and product deliveries sometimes at a very short notice. This allows us a lot of flexibility in our operations and makes life easier”, Kimmo Suupohja stated, and continued: “Tepcomp has always maintained high quality standards.”

Tepcomp is an old hand at technology supplies, but often the company’s product development team through good planning ensures that the solutions hit all the way home. “We produce many tailor-made solutions for our customers in which we have also utilised the input of Tepcomp’s product development team. We have worked well together, especially when design and technical expertise are both under the same roof. Results can be achieved faster and the various work sectors are blended firmly together”, Mr Suupohja summarised.

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