Tepcomp has been in the forefront of the ever-changing LED industry since 1997, and is a recognised pioneer in the field. The tailor-made LED customer solutions that we provide are largely based upon our own research and development activities, separating us from the mainstream markets.

A product development and design team is a strategic choice for our company. Currently, LED technology and its application are on the verge of a breakthrough. New generations are arriving in the marketplace at an increasing speed, and standards are being formed. Our role amidst this change is to support our customers. Our product development team has an input in almost every one of our LED projects. Extensive practical experience has given us an insight, as a result of which, and due to better designs, we are able to implement many production engineering solutions more cost-effectively and sensibly.

Keywords of Tepcomp Group: Medical Electronics / Healthcare electronics / Design for manufacturing / Medical and healthcare electronics / Tepcomp provides electronics contract manufacturing service by making electronic products in low and medium volumes

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Timo LautanalaPMP, R&D and Project Manager
+358 40 175 9335

At Tepcomp, production and product development are housed under the same roof

At best, product development is an ongoing process, which is based upon interactivity. It is an undisputed advantage for Tepcomp that its product development is situated under the same roof as its production facility. By keeping these two areas strictly within our grasp we can create customer solutions designed to achieve more cost-effective operations. Our product development, in addition to LED products, is also focused on the development of production methods. Our product development and design team also offers product testing services, where we assess the quality and efficiency factors of products.

Personnel with know-how and experience

The rate of change-over among our personnel is very low and know-how in the field has been accrued for several decades. We have substantial experience in different operational areas, and so understand the individual requirements of our customers.


  • LED expertise
  • LED modules
  • LED power sources
  • Re-design of products
  • Automotive electronics

Tepcomp is a real alternative to the mainstream, please feel free to contact us for more information!

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