Tepcomp Groups unique ActivePAQ product range of LED engines differentiates in performance and form factor. All ActivePAQ products feature a mains powered driver on board and excellent efficiency and flicker performance. As all ActivePAQ products come with ENEC and CB certification, creating compact and high performance luminaires becomes less complex. Your electronic design and manufacturing challenges are covered by ActivePAQ.

The PassivePAQ product line consists of passive LED modules requiring an external driver. The modules come in lengths of up to 600 mm and various other form factors. We can also offer custom shapes and sizes of passive LED boards for your customized fixture solutions. PassivePAQ modules are produced in Europe allowing for a short and optimized supply chain.

With PowerPAQ Tepcomp Group offers feature packed LED drivers with uniquely high power ratings. The 300W and 540W drivers are one-of-a-kind in low flicker performance, compactness, efficiency, and programmability. They offer state of the Art performance and features in a very compact and cost-effective package.

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