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PassivePAQ Linear for Daisy Mini optics: 1 ft. and 2 ft


Tepcomp Group’s PassivePAQ linear for LEDiL® DAISY MINI optics offers a compact solution for various applications and needs when using LEDiL® DAISY MINI optics. These PassivePAQ boards support multiple different lengths of luminaires and enable a wide selection of lumen output packages. These boards also support two channel tunable white operation and double lumen package option when all LEDs are with same CCT and channels have been combined on the board. These boards offer premium class office lighting in a compact and affordable package with low UGR when combined with LEDiL® DAISY MINI optics.
Visit LEDiL® web pages for more details about the optics
  • Optimized for LEDiL® DAISY MINI linear optics
  • Best in class 2835 or 3030 LEDs
  • Beam angle of 120°
  • Excellent Light Uniformity
  • Efficacy up to 225 lm/W
  • Small colour tolerance (SDCM < 3)
  • Various CCT’s available 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K
  • CRI 80, CRI 90 available upon request
  • Single / Dual channel / Double output
  • Tunable White 2700K-6500K
  • > 1 W / mK PCB laminate for optimal thermal
  • Enables 4 ft. luminaires with SELV voltage < 60 V and > 8000 lumen light output with optics
  • Simple installation of optics and module with M3 screws
  • TM-21-11 L70 lifetime > 72 000 h @ Tc max +85 °
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