Tepcomp’s intelligent lighting challenge in JUNCTION 2016

JUNCTION 2016 was held in November 25-27th, 2016 in Helsinki, Katajanokka. Finland Junction is the place to design and develop ideas into actual projects together with like-minded hackers. We challenged teams to create a new era of intelligent human centric lighting by combining smart building blocks and available information. Teams have to find new novel ways to utilize Casambi extension interface and vendor messaging benefiting human centric intelligent lighting. They also have to figure out how to sell light as service i.e. how to create maximum value add using iBeacons, Casambi extension interface and vendor messaging with cloud connectivity.

Three teams participated to Tepcomp’s intelligent lighting challenge.

TEAM 1 – CashMesh

CashMesh is a Bluetooth sensor network, combined with store lighting system. It allows tracking user movements inside shop facility and provides him with a small handy hintME! button to call consultants when customer really needs them. For sales person it displays all up-to-date information about products, special offers and troubled customer position in store. Based on customers’ movement throughout time, CashMesh utilizes Microsoft Azure to make a “heatmap” of store facility area to identify and optimize production placement for even better conversion.

CashMesh team won the whole Intelligent Building Track!

TEAM 2 – zzzyield

Zzzyield is a system which helps employers become more productive by sleeping better – it manages their coffee intake for the times they need to be awake and limits it before sleep. Also it manages the environment, such as lighting and music based on sleep and activity patterns. The specific environmental changes are triggered by proximity of the special Ōura ring, which also monitors the sleeping patterns and activity of employees. Our product also tries to rise awareness among employers, that it is better to let an employee take a nap than be unproductive, but awake.

Zzzyield team won Oura’s Ultimate Sleep Hack challenge!

TEAM 3 – EcoControl

The EcoControl system is a complete system for optimal control of lighting and power consumption both in homes and commercial buildings. The system saves electricity by automatic control of all your electrical appliances. System was mixed with General Electric device, that provides a possibility of measurement energy in real time and control other devices.

Winner of our challenge is team CashMesh, which also win the whole Intelligent Building Track. The winning team got 1000€ cash.