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Electronic manufacturing services (EMS)


Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) of medical devices


LED electronics

Contract manufacturing, Product development and design LED products

EMS Electronic Manufacturing
Tepcomp Group

Tepcomp Group

Tepcomp Group is a leading Finnish industrial contract manufacturer that has been operating since 1985. As a contract manufacturer specialised in electronics, we have been focusing on LED electronics, health care technology, and industrial electronics.

Based on more than thirty years of experience in demanding projects, we have become a pioneer in the field. In addition to numerous Finnish companies, our customer base includes many international companies from a wide range of industrial sectors.

Owing to our thirty years of experience, we know distinctive features and needs of different industries. Multiple long-term customer relationships are proof of our reputation as a functional, reliable, and high-quality contract manufacturer of electronics.

Over the last decade, Tepcomp Group established itself internationally and enjoyed hearty growth. Every year, we supply more than 7,000 shipments to over 100 customers all over the world. In addition to our factories in Turku (Finland) and Kuressaare (Estonia), we have sale office in Germany.

Both of our production plants are known for their flexible operation and modern manufacturing technology. The capacity of Tepcomp factories is sufficient for manufacture of even larger batches.

Tepcomp in brief

  • An experienced and innovative contract manufacturer of electronics
  • A pioneer in LED electronics
  • Established in 1984
  • Production facilities in Turku (Finland) and Kuressaare (Estonia)
  • 7,000 shipments to 100 customers annually
  • ISO 9001 quality certificate and ISO 14001 environmental certificate,
  • ISO 13485 quality standard for medical devices
  • Market area: Europe. Direct exports to Asia as well.
  • Our security of supply is among the highest on the market in the high/mix volume production sectors.
Production plant in Turku Production plant in Kuressaare
Tepcomp company presentation (video)

Industrial electronics (EMS)

Tepcomp Group is a leading Finnish contract manufacturer of industrial electronics.

Medical devices (EMS)

Tepcomp has been manufacturing health care and wellness technology equipment for over thirty years.

LED electronics

Our comprehensive know-how and extensive experience in LED technology and the related manufacture makes us an excellent partner.

Tepcomp EMS

For us, being a professional are not just words. It means dependability, reliability and caring about our customers’ business. Our reliable team and tested processes help you accelerate your time to market.

Tepcomp | video

Tepcomp is committed to developing its business in an ethical and responsible manner towards improved eco-friendliness.

Our Turku plant is heated with the help of three industrial-grade air to water heat pumps and an efficient heat recovery system.


6.6.2024 in Tepcomp Group

Richard Nilsen Joins Tepcomp as Executive Chair to Propel Market Expansion

Richard Nilsen Joins Tepcomp as Executive Chair to Propel Market Expansion Helsinki, Finland – Tepcomp, a leading provider of electronic manufacturing services, proudly announces the appointment of Richard Nilsen as…
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12.7.2022 in Tepcomp Group


The Finnish technology corporation DA-Group has purchased Tepcomp Group’s LED product line business. The scope of the business transfer is Tepcomp’s LED lighting components product portfolio, related IPR and development…
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8.9.2020 in Tepcomp Group

Our new State of The Art SMD line in Turku is now operational

Come celebrate with Tepcomp! Dear colleagues within the Nordic Electronic Industry. Our new State of The Art SMD line in Turku is now operational. We can now achieve much higher…
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Tepcomp’s personnel understands our operations well and are quick to respond to our needs.

Client ReferenceLED Lighting Industry

Our Modern, Lean and Eco Friendly manufacturing plants are located in Finland (Turku) and Estonia (Kuressaare).

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