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LED Electronics

Tepcomp’s comprehensive know-how and long experience in LED technology and related manufacturing renders us an excellent partner for your company in the field of LED business. In addition to manufacturing, we offer versatile design and product development services.

Our offering also includes high-quality LED lighting components designed in Finland using the latest technologies. With the help of modern LED technology and innovative product development, production-related opportunities are virtually limitless.

Tepcomp started LED product development and manufacturing among the industry’s pioneers already in 1997 and has managed to retain its position as a leading contract manufacturer through continuous development.

The production facilities in Turku and Estonia are known for their flexible way of operation and modern manufacturing technology. The capacity of Tepcomp factories is sufficient for production of even larger batches.

Pursuant to our comprehensive service concept, besides design, testing, and final product assembly, we can take care of any logistics-related tasks required.

Based on customer satisfaction surveys, our customers are especially pleased with Tepcomp’s service experience, reliability, and flexibility.

Interested? Read more about our contract manufacturing and product development-related services and explore our LED product components. Tepcomp professionals will gladly reply to your questions.

Contract manufacturing

Product development and design

LED products

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Account Director, Lighting

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Business Development Director

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Tepcomp is committed to developing its business in an ethical and responsible manner towards improved eco-friendliness.

Our Turku plant is heated with the help of three industrial-grade air to water heat pumps and an efficient heat recovery system.