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Electronic manufacturing
services (EMS)

Industrial electronics contract manufacturer (EMS)

Tepcomp Group is a leading Finnish industrial electronics contract manufacturer with a diverse customer base from different industries. In addition to Finnish companies, our customer base includes many international companies.

Owing to our thirty years of experience, we know the distinctive features and needs of different industries. We have implemented demanding tailored solutions at our production plants in Turku and Estonia, which often show the efforts of our design and product development team. 

The purpose of industrial electronics devices is to improve and facilitate people’s work and life. In addition to electronic components of equipment used in production, industrial electronics nowadays also encompasses various control and monitoring-related systems. The products can be utilised, for example, in power generation and transmission, in control of pumps and other motors, or in vehicles and real estate control systems.

Today, all products are subject to increasingly stringent requirements with respect to energy efficiency, enhancement of productivity, and increased automation. Because of this, more and more metering, monitoring, data collection, and communication-related components are integrated into equipment. An important feature in the communication between a man and programmable logic is the so-called Human Machine Interface, which is currently included in almost every project.

Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication have grown almost explosively. Electronics and communications modules have become a standard part of many devices and applications that could not have been predicted a few years ago.

Industrial electronics equipment are often used in harsh operating environments and are expected to function flawlessly for years, if not for decades. Therefore, high-quality design, manufacturing in accordance with requirements, and use of quality components are of primary importance.

Our services:

  • Manufacturability planning (NPI)
  • Prototype series manufacture
  • Purchasing and procurement services
  • Test equipment design
  • Electronics manufacturing services
  • Final product assembly services
  • Customer-specific packaging
  • Intermediate storage
  • Customer-optimized logistics concept

Typical applications of industrial electronics:

  • Industrial automation solutions
  • Construction industry, e.g., monitoring and smart solutions
  • Security sector
  • Energy management solutions
  • Public transport, e.g., rail traffic control
  • Instrumentation and measuring
  • Lifts, escalators and other conveyors
  • Motor control
  • Transmitters and receivers
  • Power tools

Tepcomp’s goal is to offer the best service in the industry. In addition to reliability, we are known for flexible supply solutions.

Tepcomp’s goal is to offer the best service in the industry. In addition to reliability, we are known for flexible supply solutions, which include, for example, project deliveries and production based on the forecasting procedure and buffer model.

Tepcomp has a long and successful history in the manufacturing of industrial electronics. We believe to be the right partner for you in manufacturing of demanding products.

Tepcomp is committed to developing its business in an ethical and responsible manner towards improved eco-friendliness.

Our Turku plant is heated with the help of three industrial-grade air to water heat pumps and an efficient heat recovery system.

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