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”For Tepcomp, economic and

ecological efficiency are objectives

that support each other.” 


In the long term, Tepcomp Group is committed to developing its business in an ethical and responsible manner towards improved eco-friendliness.

In our operation, we follow the key objectives of circular economy: to save natural resources and utilise materials efficiently and sustainably. For our part, we want to address the challenges of climate change and the scarcity of natural resources.

Responsible use of resources, careful reduction of material waste, reuse and recycling are at the heart of our operations. This way, we strive to reduce waste and maximise reuse of materials.

Our production facility in Turku have been granted the environmental management systems certificate ISO 14001, and we follow the best international practices in our field.

Our Turku plant is heated with the help of three industrial-grade air to water heat pumps and an efficient heat recovery system. The heat generated in the production process is used for heating of the supply air.

In addition, energy produced by solar panels is utilised at Turku.

At Tepcomp’s plant in Estonia, district heating based on local wood chips is employed.

At both plants, all waste is sorted, and the amount of waste controlled. We always strive to recycle the waste, and if this is not possible, waste is utilised. We deliver the waste to specialised companies where it is processed safely and with consideration of the environment.

Suppliers have an important role in our value chain; our objective is to build a supplier network capable of meeting our values and expectations concerning environmental requirements. We co-operate closely with our partners to improve efficiency, transparency, and responsibility throughout the supply chain.

In our operation, we also pay great attention to logistics optimisation, since this allows us to reduce transport emissions. In co-operation with our customers, we are seeking for ways to improve the environment-friendliness of product packages.

At Tepcomp, we believe that sustainable and efficient use of energy, materials, and natural resources will become even more important. For us, economic and ecological efficiency are objectives that support each other. Because of this, we are committed to compliance with the principles of sustainable development and continuous improvement of our operation.

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