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Contract manufacturing of

LED electronics

Contract manufacturer of LED electronics

Customers and co-operation partners value Tepcomp for our high-level of LED-related technical expertise. We started LED product development and manufacturing among the industry’s pioneers already in 1997. Years of experience in LED technology and related manufacturing have made us a leading contract manufacturer in the field.

Tepcomp has implemented versatile and demanding LED lighting projects utilising both passive LED module electronics assembly and integrated power sources. By combining our customers’ expertise with electronics designed by Tepcomp, we have created products of exceptional quality.

We have extensive experience in everything from design to production and all the way to customer deliveries. Through careful planning, efficient production and technical insights, we can create excellent end products and achieve magnificent results based on LED technology.

Our services

  • Design for manufacturing (NPI)
  • Prototype series manufacturing
  • Purchasing and procurement services
  • Test equipment design
  • Electronics manufacturing services
  • Final product assembly services
  • Customer-specific packaging
  • Intermediate storage

Matti Leirimaa

Director, Sales & Marketing

+358 40 861 7026

Martina Desmartins

New Sales Europe

+49 17 2131 5776

Tepcomp is a forerunner in LED technology

LED light for you network and the Zhaga consortium. We are also an Ecosystem Partner of LEDiL.

We are continuously exploring optics developments and innovations. We manufacture LED modules compatible with the products of industry-leading optics and reflector manufacturers.

Our product development and design team is closely involved in LED projects, thereby ensuring a high-quality outcome.

The best available components and modern machines suitable for production of batches of various sizes are used in Tepcomp’s LED manufacturing. Owing to our production process, we can handle exceptionally large product quantities.

Tepcomp is committed to developing its business in an ethical and responsible manner towards improved eco-friendliness.

Our Turku plant is heated with the help of three industrial-grade air to water heat pumps and an efficient heat recovery system.

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